NewPark Mall

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City: Newark 

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Directions to and from NewPark Mall

Bus stop is located near Target and Sears.

Bus - AC Transit

200 Union City BART - Fremont BART via Newark, NewPark Mall, Mowry

212 Fremont Station - Ohlone College Newark Campus via Fremont Blvd, Pacific Commons, NewPark Mall

216 Ohlone College Newark Campus - Union City Station via Stevenson, Fremont Station, Niles

232 Ardenwood: Ohlone College Newark Campus - Fremont BART - via Lido Faire, Union City BART

620 School days only: Cedar Blvd-Newark Memorial H.S.

626 School days only: Newark Blvd.

628 School days only: Cedar Blvd.

629 School days only: Cherry St.