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Big Lake - Minneapolis
Weekday peak hours only.

Northstar is a regional commuter rail between Big Lake and Minneapolis. It connects with METRO light rail at Target Field station.

Route and stations


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How to take Northstar

Before boarding the trains, buy your train ticket from a ticket machine, pay fare with Go-To Card (by tapping on a reader at the station before boarding), or use the Metro Transit mobile payment app. Northstar uses the proof of payment system and passengers caught without a valid ticket or pass are subject to eviction and/or citation.

Bicycle access

Bicyclists board through the doors marked with the bicycle symbol. Stow bikes in the fold up seat area. Use the yellow strap to secure the bike.

Disabled access

Northstar is accessible to people with disabilities at all stations. Riders with mobility device should wait on top of the mini-high platform by the south end of the station. To board those trains, conductors will deploy a ramp to bridge the gap between the vehicle and the mini-high platform.