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The Deuce: local service on Las Vegas Boulevard
24-hour service.

This route runs on Las Vegas Blvd exclusively with double deck buses. Premium fare/pass applies on this route. Fares can either be paid onboard or at a ticket vending machine at selected stops (ticket must be swiped at the farebox when boarding). The Deuce serves nearly every hotel/casino along the strip between Stratosphere and Mandalay Bay. Strip & Downtown Express provides limited stop service on most part of the Las Vegas Strip.

This route can be especially crowded. Full buses can pass stops if no one onboard requests stop.

Service extends south from Mandalay Bay to South Strip Transfer Terminal between 12:30am and 9am. During daytime, take Strip & Downtown Express.

Points of interest

BSicon LSTR.svg - With local stops BSicon HST.svg - Regular bus stops BSicon BHF.svg BSicon vBHFrf-BHFrg.svg - Shared stops with RTC Transit Strip & Downtown Express bus

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