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SamTrans fares can be paid with cash, Clipper Cards (pay or tag card when boarding the bus), or the SamTrans Mobile 📱 app. It also offers various passes and tokens. Transfers are not available on SamTrans.

List of token vendors

Cash is accepted for one way fares and day passes. If the cash payment exceeds the fare, change is provided via a magnetic card for future fare payments.

Riders can pay one way fares or load monthly passes with Clipper Cards. There's no multi-ride discount (like tokens) available on Clipper. Bags of tokens are available at selected retailers. Paper monthly pass is not available.

For youth and senior riders, special Clipper cards are necessary to pay youth/senior fares or load youth/senior passes. To obtain these cards, you will need to submit an application to these transit offices in person. Documentation proving eligibility is also required.

Local routes

One way Clipper one way Day pass Monthly pass
Adult $2.25 $2.05 $5.50 $65.60
Adult (out of SF) $4.00 $3.60 - $96
Youth (5-17) $1.10 $1.00 $2.75 $27
Senior (65 or over) and Disabled $1.10 $1.00 $2.75 $27

Out of SF fares apply at SF stops for adults on routes 292 , 397, and 398. Local fare applies to these routes traveling into SF.


SamTrans offers tokens for local adult and youth fares. They are sold in a package of 10. Multiple tokens, or a token with cash upgrade, can be used on buses leaving San Francisco.

Package of 10 tokens
Adult $18.00
Youth (5-17) $10.00

Interagency transfer arrangements

The following passes are accepted for local fare credit on all SamTrans routes anywhere:

  • Caltrain monthly pass with 2 zones or more

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