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Local bus routes


FLX Pacifica Local Pacifica flexible route

14 Pacifica

17 Half Moon Bay - Pacifica

110 Pacifica (Linda Mar Park & Ride) - Daly City Station

112 Pacifica (Linda Mar Park & Ride) - Colma Station

118 Express: Pacifica (Linda Mar Park & Ride) - Daly City Station

Daly City/Colma

120 Colma Station - Brunswick and Templeton

121 Skyline College - Lowell and Hanover

122 South San Francisco BART Station - Stonestown Shopping Center

South San Francisco

38 Safe Harbor Shelter

130 Daly City BART - Airport/Linden

San Bruno/Millbrae/Burlingame

140 Pacific Manor - SFO Rental Car AirTrain Station via San Bruno BART

141 Airport/Linden - San Bruno Senior Center

San Mateo/Foster City

250 San Mateo Station - College of San Mateo

251/256 Hillsdale Station - Foster City via Bridgepointe Shopping Center

Belmont/San Carlos

260 San Carlos Station - College of San Mateo via Redwood Shores

Redwood City

270 Redwood City Station - Harbor Village

274 Redwood City Station - Cañada College

275 Woodside/Fernside (Redwood City) – Redwood City Station

276 Florence/17th (Redwood City) - Redwood City Station

278 Saturday: Cañada College - Redwood City Station via Woodside

Menlo Park/East Palo Alto/Palo Alto

280 East Palo Alto (Purdue and Fordham) - Stanford Shopping Center

281 Onetta Harris Community Center - Stanford Shopping Center

286 Ringwood/Arlington – Sharon Park (Menlo Park)

Multi-City routes

ECR Palo Alto Station - Daly City Station

292 Hillsdale Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

294 Half Moon Bay - Hillsdale Station

295 San Mateo Station - Redwood City Station

296 Redwood City Station - East Palo Alto (day time) - Palo Alto (late night)

397 All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

398 Redwood City Station - San Bruno BART via SFO

399 All-Nighter: Daly City - SFO Airport

Express routes

KX Redwood City Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

School day only routes

The following routes operate during school days only but are open to all riders (students and non-students):

16 School days only: Pacific Heights, Daly City, Pacifica

18 School days only: Half Moon Bay HS, Cunha MS

19 School days only: Lacy School, Linda Mar, Terra Nova School

24 School days only: Daly City, Brisbane, Bayshore

25 School days only: Los Olivios - Ben Franklin School

28 School days only: Serramonte Center - South San Francisco School

29 School days only: Lipman School - Templeton/Brunswick via South Hill / Oakridge

35 School days only: Gellert, South San Francisco, Mission Road, Evergreen Drive

37 School days only: Alta Loma School - Hillside/Grove

39 School days only: Alta Loma School - Hazelwood/El Camino

46 School days only: Arundel & Howard, Quesada & Trousdale

49 School days only: Terra Nova School - Airport/San Bruno via Monterey & Sneath

53 School days only: Bunker Hill, San Mateo Highlands, Laurelwood, Borel, Peninsula/Humboldt (San Mateo)

54 School days only: Foster City, Edgewood Place, Marlin Cove, Hillsdale Boulevard, Norfolk Street, 31st/Fernwood (San Mateo)

55 School days only: San Mateo Park, Borel Middle School

56 School days only: Aragon HS

57 School days only: Hillsdale School - Pitcairn/Baffin via Edgewater

58 School days only: San Mateo Park, Bunker Hill, Borel Square, San Mateo Highlands

59 School days only: Aragon School - Norfolk St via Downtown San Mateo

60 School days only: Ralston School - Bridge/Bowsprit

61 School days only: Carlmont HS

62 School days only: Carlmont High - Dale View/Old County

67 School days only: Ralston School - Bridge/Bowsprit

68 School days only: Hiller & Cambridge - Ralston School via Davey Glen

72 School days only: Redwood City, Woodside Plaza, Fair Oaks, Marsh Manor, Atherton

73 School days only: Redwood City and San Carlos

78 School days only: Cañada College - Woodside High School

79 School days only: Kennedy School - Florence & 17th via Fair Oaks

80 School days only: Oak Knoll School - Hillview School

81 School days only: Menlo-Atherton HS

82 School days only: Hillview School - Bay & Marsh via Ringwood, Coleman & Middlefield

83 School days only: Hillview School - The Willows

84 School days only: Hillview School - Encinal via Middlefield & Laurel

85 School days only: Portola Valley, Woodside, Skylonda

87 School days only: Woodside School - Portola Valley via Alameda de las Pulgas

88 School days only: Encinal School - Bay Rd via Willow, Gilbert, & Marmona

95 School days only: Redwood City Caltrain - Carlmont High - Tierra Linda Middle

Shuttle routes

Bayhill San Bruno BART Shuttle Caltrain - Bayhill area

Coastside Beach Shuttle Weekend: El Granada - Half Moon Bay

Connect San Mateo Shuttle North San Mateo

Daly City Bayshore Shuttle Daly City (Bayshore area) - Daly City

Seton Shuttle BART - Seton Medical Ctr

Sierra Point BART Shuttle Balboa Park BART - Sierra Pt

Sierra Point Caltrain Shuttle Millbrae Stn - Sierra Pt

South City Shuttle Local SSF (clockwise loop)

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