ACE fares

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ACE offers one way, round trip, 20-ride, weekly tickets and monthly passes. Fares are determined according to the stations traveled.

ACE Fare Calculator

Tickets can be purchased at most stations prior to train departures as well as online.

When buying tickets online, one way, round trip and weekly tickets can be printed instantly by the rider. Other types of tickets will be sent by US mail or FedEx overnight.

If there's no ticket sales for your train, contact a train crew member immediately after boarding the train.

ACE is a proof of payment system. Tickets must be validated before boarding. Validators are available at all train stations.

Amtrak tickets

Some ACE trains are also Amtrak Thruway service for the San Joaquins trains in Stockton. Amtrak tickets are honored on ACE for connecting trips.

Fare chart

ACE fares vary according to distance traveled.

Fare chart (PDF)