King County Metro fares

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King County Metro accepts cash and ORCA Cards (pay or tag card when boarding the bus).

Fare information

One way fares

Adult $2.75
Youth (age 6- 18) $1.50
Senior/disabled (with Regional Reduced Fare Permit) $1

A free transfer is available to cash and ORCA riders. Paper transfer is only valid on Metro buses only. ORCA transfer is valid on Sound Transit buses and trains, Seattle Streetcar, King County Water Taxi, and other transit providers.


A regional monthly pass is available to ORCA card holders. The pass is sold at prices range from $18 to $171 for fare values range from $0.50 to $4.75. It is accepted for regular service for various transit providers in the region. If the actual fare exceeds the fare value on the pass, a fare upgrade is required.