📣 Due to COVID-19 national emergency, many transit agencies have reduced or suspended service in response to drop in ridership and various local public health orders. Some agencies waive fares and allow rear door boarding to accommodate social distancing. Route information on this site may not reflect all COVID-19 related service changes. Check Twitter feeds for transit agencies for current service updates prior to travel. 😷 Face covering or mask is required onboard transit vehicles at many agencies.

King County Metro routes

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Dial-a-ride: Black Diammond - Enuclaw
Dial-a-ride: Normandy Park
Local Redmond
Dial-a-ride: Sammamish
Microtransit: Night only Shoreline - Lake Forest Park
On demand: Southeast Seattle, Tukwila
RapidRide: Federal Way TC - Tukwila Intl Blvd Link Station
RapidRide: Bellevue TC - Redmond TC
RapidRide: West Seattle - Downtown Seattle
RapidRide: Crown Hill - Ballard - Downtown Seattle
RapidRide: Aurora Village TC - Downtown Seattle
RapidRide: Burien TC - Renton
Kinnear - Downtown Seattle
West Queen Anne Hill - Downtown Seattle - Madrona Park
North Queen Anne Hill - Downtown Seattle - Madrona
SPU - Queen Anne - Downtown Seattle - Judkins Park
Shoreline CC - Downtown Seattle
Rainier Beach - Downtown Seattle
Seattle Center - Capitol Hill - Mt. Baker TC
Express: Rainier Beach - Columbia City - Broadway
Capitol Hill - Downtown Seattle
Madison Park - Capitol Hill - Downtown Seattle
Interlaken Park - First Hill - Downtown Seattle
Seattle Pacific - Downtown Seattle
Downtown Seattle - Mount Baker
Express: Blue Ridge - Ballard - Downtown Seattle
Express: Loyal Heights - Downtown Seattle
Express: North Beach/Loyal Heights - Downtown Seattle
West Magnolia - Downtown Seattle
Westwood Village - Downtown Seattle
Arbor Heights - Alaska Junction
West Magnolia - Downtown Seattle
Express: Northgate - Downtown Seattle
Colman Park - Downtown Seattle
Express: Broadview - Downtown Seattle
Express: Ballard, Queen Anne Hill - Downtown Seattle
University District - Central Magnolia
University District - Seattle Center
Discovery Park - Downtown Seattle
Othello Station - Beacon Hill - Downtown Seattle
Alaska Junction - Alki - Downtown Seattle
Northgate TC - Ballard - Downtown Seattle
Express: Lake City - Northgate TC - Downtown Seattle
University District - Downtown Seattle
Ballard - Montlake
Loyal Heights - UW Station
Summit - Downtown Seattle
Mt Baker - University District
University District - Broadview - Downtown Seattle
Rainier Valley - West Seattle
Express: Admiral District - Downtown Seattle
Express: Alki - Downtown Seattle
Express: Alaska Junction - Downtown Seattle
Westwood Village - White Center - Georgetown - Broadway
Sand Point - Green Lake - Downtown Seattle
Northgate TC - First Hill - Cherry Hill
Express: Lake City - Downtown Seattle - First Hill
Lake City - University District
Northgate TC - University District - Children's Hospital
University District - Downtown Seattle
Wedgwood - UW Station
Jackson Park - Cowen Park - UW
Sand Point - Downtown
Northgate TC - University District
Express: Wedgwood - Downtown Seattle
Express: North City - Downtown Seattle
Children's Hospital - University District
Express: South Renton Park & Ride - Downtown Seattle
Express: Fairwood - Downtown Seattle
Renton Highlands - Renton
Renton TC - International District
Renton TC - Rainier Beach - Beacon Hill Station
Express: Lake Kathleen - Downtown Seattle
Express: Shorewood - Downtown Seattle
Renton Highlands - Downtown Seattle
Fauntleroy Ferry - Downtown Seattle
Tahlequah/Dockton - Vashon - Downtown Seattle
Express: Burien TC - Downtown Seattle
Express: Highline Community College - Burien TC - Downtown Seattle
Express: Highline Community College - Burien TC - Downtown Seattle
Express: Burien - Gregory Heights - Downtown Seattle
Tukwila Intl Blvd Station - Downtown Seattle
Express: Westwood Village - Downtown Seattle
Southcenter - Admiral District
Burien TC - Downtown Seattle
Burien - Downtown Seattle
Express: Black Diamond - Downtown Seattle
Fairwood - Renton TC
Kent Station - Downtown Seattle
Kent Station - Renton TC
Tukwila Station - Boeing Industrial
Southcenter - SeaTac - Des Moines - Highline CC
Express: Lake Meridian P&R - Downtown Seattle
Express: Kent East Hill - Downtown Seattle
Express: Timberlane - Lake Meridian P&R - Kent Station - Downtown Seattle
Green River Community College - Kent Station
Burien - Kent Station
Express: South Renton P&R - University District
Maple Valley - Kent Station
Kent Station - Renton TC
Express: Federal Way P&R - Downtown Seattle
Express: Federal Way P&R - Downtown Seattle
Express: Twin Lakes P&R - Downtown Seattle
Southeast Auburn - Kent Station - Sea-Tac - Burien TC
Twin Lakes P&R - Auburn Station - Green River Community College
Northeast Tacoma - Federal Way TC
Federal Way TC - Star Lake - Kent Station
Enumclaw to Auburn Station
Federal Way TC - Twin Lakes
Express: Redondo Heights P&R - Star Lake - Downtown Seattle
Express: Star Lake - Downtown Seattle
Express: Federal Way P&R - First Hill
Express: Twin Lakes P&R - University District
Midday: Downtown Issaquah - North Issaquah
South Mercer Island - Mercer Island P&R
South Mercer Island - Mercer Island P&R
North Bend - Issaquah TC
Express: Eastgate P&R - Downtown Seattle
Express: Issaquah - Downtown Seattle
Bear Creek P&R - Sammamish - Downtown Seattle
Express: Downtown Seattle - North Issaquah
Express: Issaquah Highlands P&R - Downtown Seattle
Redmond - Sammamish - Downtown Seattle
Education Hill - Crossroads - Eastgate
Duvall - Redmond TC
Kenmore - Totem Lake - Redmond Technology Station
Eastgate P&R - Crossroads - Overlake - Bellevue TC
North Creek - Juanita - Kirkland
Woodinville - Kirkland
Express: Duvall - Redmond TC - Overlake TC - Bellevue TC
Express: Woodinville P&R - Bellevue TC
Kirkland - UW Bothell
Bellevue TC - Renton TC
Eastgate P&R - Bellevue TC
Kirkland TC - Crossroads - Factoria
Eastgate P&R - Somerset - Bellevue TC - Clyde Hill
Overlake TC - South Bellevue P&R
Avondale - Redmond - Kirkland - Bellevue
Express: Kingsgate - Downtown Seattle
Totem Lake - Kirkland - U. District
Express: Brickyard P&R - Downtown Seattle
Express: Redmond - Downtown Seattle
Issaquah TC - Overlake P&R
Issaquah - University District
Express: Aurora Village TC - Richmond Beach - Downtown Seattle
Express: Shoreline P&R - First Hill
Express: Richmond Beach - Downtown Seattle
Express: Horizon View - Downtown Seattle
Express: Kenmore P&R - First Hill
Express: Woodinville - Downtown Seattle
Express: UW/CCC Campus - Downtown Seattle
Express: Meridian Park - Downtown Seattle
Shoreline Community College - Lake City
Shoreline Community College - Aurora Village TC - Kenmore P&R
Express: Shoreline P&R - Renton TC
Shoreline Community College - Northgate TC
Aurora Village TC - Northgate TC
Mountlake Terrace TC - Northgate TC
Richmond Beach - Northgate TC
Express: Shoreline Community College - Downtown Seattle
Bothell/Lake City - University District
Aurora Village TC - University District
Community Shuttle: Issaquah Highlands P&R to North Bend
Community Shuttle: Mercer Island - Downtown Seattle
Burien Community Shuttle
Des Moines Community Shuttle
DART: Seacrest Park - West Seattle Junction
DART: Seacrest Park - Admiral District
DART: Mirror Lake - Federal Way TC
DART: Twin Lakes - Federal Way TC
DART: Fairwood - Southcenter
DART: Black Diamond - Renton TC
DART: Renton Highlands - Renton TC
DART: North Auburn - SuperMall
DART: Kent Station - Riverview
DART: Downtown Kent - Kent East Hill
DART: Enumclaw - Auburn Station
DART: Downtown Kent - Kent East Hill
DART: Pacific, Algona - Auburn Station
DART: Kingsgate P&R - Redmond Town Center
DART: UW/CCC Campus - Redmond TC
Lakeside, Houghton P&R
Bear Creek P&R - Lakeside
Issaquah TC - Lakeside
Lakeside - Downtown Seattle
Houghton P&R - Lakeside
Lakeside - Rainier Beach
Madrona - Lakeside
Issaquah TC - Lakeside
Downtown Seattle - Lakeside
Laurelhurst - Lakeside