Visitacion Valley

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City: San Francisco 

Visitacion Valley is a working class neighborhood at the southeastern edge of San Francisco. The area informally includes the northeast part of Daly City known as Bayshore.

Points of interest

Muni Metro, Caltrain

Muni Metro T Third Street line serves Visitacion Valley. Stops are located on Bayshore Blvd. Caltrain's Bayshore Station is located on Tunnel Avenue. There's no shared station in the area between those systems.


City of Daly City

Daly City (Bayshore area) - Daly City

Bayshore Caltrain Station and the Brisbane


Bayshore: City College - Visitacion Valley - Chinatown - Fisherman's Wharf
Bayshore 'A' Express: Visitacion Valley - Chinatown
Bayshore 'B' Express: City College - Visitacion Valley - Chinatown - Fisherman's Wharf
San Bruno: Downtown - Arleta Station/Visitacion Valley (night and weekend)
San Bruno Rapid: Downtown - Visitacion Valley
Sunset: Bayview (3rd St and Paul Ave) - Baker Beach
Excelsior: Persia and Prague - Forest Hill Station
Felton: Daly City Station - Bayview (Hudson and 3rd St)
Rutland: Visitacion Valley - Executive Park
All-Nighter: Visitacion Valley (Bayshore/Arleta) - Van Ness & North Point
All-Nighter: West Portal Station - San Francisco State University via Downtown


School days only: Daly City, Brisbane, Bayshore
School days only: Lipman School - Templeton/Brunswick via South Hill / Oakridge
Hillsdale Shopping Center - San Francisco
All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Salesforce Transit Center)