Westchester/Veterans Station

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{{{accessibility}}} No Public restroom   City: Inglewood 

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Metro Rail

This station is the interim terminus for the Metro K Line from Expo/Crenshaw (E connection). Ticket machines are available at the platform entrances at Florence & Hindry avenues. First time riders must purchase a reusable TAP card with a fare from the machine before boarding. All riders must "tap" the TAP card or TAP-enabled ticket/transfer at a turnstile when entering platforms and keep the card or ticket for the duration of the ride.

This station features side platforms. Cross tracks at grade crossing at each end of the platforms.

Northbound K to Expo/Crenshaw
Next Station: Downtown Inglewood
Real time departures:


Big Blue Bus
Bundy Drive & Centinela Ave: Montana & Barrington - Centinela (Playa Vista) - Inglewood
Los Angeles Metro
On Demand shuttle: LAX/Inglewood Zone
C & K Link: Westchester/Veterans - Aviation/LAX stations