Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station

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{{{accessibility}}} No Public restroom   City: Willowbrook 

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This station was formerly named Imperial/Wilmington Station. It features a community plaza, Metro customer service center, and Transit Court.

Points of interest

Metro Rail


This station is the transfer point between Metro A Line to Downtown LA, Azusa, Long Beach, and C Line to Redondo Beach and Norwalk.

Ticket machines are available at the A and C line platform entrances. First time riders must purchase a reusable TAP card with a fare from the machine before boarding.

All entrances to the elevated C Line platform have turnstiles. C Line riders must pass through the turnstile with a valid TAP card or TAP-enabled ticket/transfer and keep the card or ticket for the duration of the ride.

There's no turnstile for street level A Line platform entrance. Riders must "tap" the TAP card or TAP-enabled ticket/transfer at a validator when entering A Line platforms and keep the card or ticket for the duration of the ride.

There is a mezzanine connecting A Line and C Line platforms (wheelchair accessible via elevator at north end of A Line platform). Riders transferring between A and C lines in either direction need to pass through turnstiles at the mezzanine with their TAP card.

Upper (freeway) level platforms:

Eastbound C to Norwalk Westbound C to Redondo Beach Station
Next Station: Long Beach Next Station: Avalon
Real time departures:

Lower (street) level platforms:

Southbound A to Long Beach Northbound A to Downtown LA, Azusa
Next Station: Compton Next Station: 103rd Street/Watts Towers
Real time departures:



Aviation/LAX Station - Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station via El Segundo Blvd

Los Angeles County Shuttle

Hahn Plaza - Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station
Hahn Plaza - Mona Blvd.

Los Angeles Metro

On Demand shuttle: Watts/Compton Zone
Downtown LA - CSU Dominguez Hills via Central
Downtown LA - Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station via Compton Ave
Aviation Station - Whittwood Mall via Imperial Hwy
Willowbrook - Compton - Wilmington
Willowbrook Sta. - San Pedro via Wilmington Av, Vermont & Western

Lynwood Trolley

Lynwood - Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station


Free parking (231 spaces) is available.



Station features an unstaffed Metro Bike Hub for 86 bikes.