Broadway Station (Burlingame)

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Not accessible No Public restroom   City: Burlingame |  California Dr & Broadway

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This station is served by Caltrain local trains on weekends only and is not wheelchair accessible. A shuttle bus is available at this station to Millbrae Station during weekday peak hours.

It features a side platform and a narrow center platform. Passengers should always wait on the side platform and proceed to the center platform when a northbound train stops. Caltrain ticket machines and Clipper card readers are located on the side platforms. All riders must have a valid paper/mobile ticket, or tagged Clipper card/mobile device before boarding Caltrain. Train crews may inspect for fares onboard. Riders using Clipper should "tag off" after exiting the train.

Southbound side platform to San Jose Northbound center platform to San Francisco
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Next Station: Burlingame Next Station: Millbrae

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Millbrae Stn - North Burlingame


School days only: Arundel & Howard, Quesada & Trousdale
Hillsdale Shopping Center - San Francisco


Parking requires a $5.50 daily fee or a Caltrain monthly parking permit.

To pay the daily parking fee, remember the stall number and pay at the Caltrain ticket machines located on the station platforms.


Bike racks and lockers are available at the station. Call Caltrain at 650-508-6350 to sign up for lockers.