Downtown San Mateo

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City: San Mateo 

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Directions to and from Downtown San Mateo


San Mateo Station is located on 1st Ave.

Bus - SamTrans

ECR Palo Alto Station - Daly City Station

Connect San Mateo Shuttle North San Mateo

53 School days only: Bunker Hill, San Mateo Highlands, Laurelwood, Borel, Peninsula/Humboldt (San Mateo)

55 School days only: San Mateo Park, Borel Middle School

59 School days only: Aragon School - Norfolk St via Downtown San Mateo

250 San Mateo Station - College of San Mateo

292 Hillsdale Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

295 San Mateo Station - Redwood City Station

397 All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)