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The Golden Gate Bridge is a large and widely-recognized road, bicycle and foot bridge between San Francisco and Marin County across the Golden Gate, the marine entrance to the San Francisco bay.

The current base toll is $8 pay by plate and $7 with FasTrak, charged in the southbound direction. Carpool vehicles with 3 or more persons can cross the bridge for $5 on weekdays between 5am - 9am and 4pm - 6pm. There are no toll collectors on this bridge. It accepts FasTrak and drivers without FasTrak will be sent an invoice and they can pay by mail.


Bikes and pedestrians


On weekdays, bikes and pedestrians share the eastern (bay side) walkway along the side of the bridge. On weekends, bikes use the western (ocean facing) side while pedestians use the eastern side.

Bike Safety

  • Always ride single file to the right side.
  • If you are passing another cyclist (or pedestrian) always do so on the left and call out "passing left" so they are aware.
  • Never pass when going around the towers or at the narrow anchorages.
  • If stopping for photos or any other reason, make sure you pull your bike to the side to allow other cyclists to pass safely.
  • Bring lights, fog is often very thick over the bridge, even when it is clear nearby.


Over the bridge

To the bridge

  • All Golden Gate Transit lines crossing the bridge stop just south of the toll plaza. It is usually necessary to signal or flag down a bus at this stop. Golden Gate Transit can carry passengers traveling between the toll plaza and other stops in San Francisco.
  • Muni's 28-19th Ave line stops by the toll plaza. A transfer is necessary to get from Downtown San Francisco to the Golden Gate Bridge toll plaza via Muni. This line connects with buses to/from downtown in the Richmond District and on Van Ness Ave.
  • PresidiGo shuttle links the bridge with other destinations in Presidio. In the Presidio, a connection is available to another shuttle route to/from Downtown San Francisco near the Ferry Building. During off-peak hours and weekends, the ride is free to the public from Downtown to the bridge toll plaza via a transfer in Presidio.


There is no other crossing directly between the peninsula and Marin, however Golden Gate Transit provides ferry service from Larkspur, Sausalito, and Tiburon to the San Francisco Ferry Building. Privately operated Blue & Gold Fleet provides ferry service from Sausalito and Tiburon to San Francisco at Pier 39.