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Downtown Los Angeles (7th/Metro Center) - Long Beach


Metro Rail Los Angeles Metro Rail Blue Line Blue Line is the first modern urban light rail line in Los Angeles region after the closure of Pacific Electric back in the 1950s. It follows most of the original PE corridor between Downtown LA and Long Beach. This line has more riders than any other light rail lines in California.

Blue line trains run every 5-6 minutes during weekday peak hours, every 12 minutes midday, and every 20 minutes from about 8pm to around midnight. Service is extended to about 2am on Friday and Saturday nights. Weekend daytime service runs about every 12 minutes. This line uses Proof of payment fare system.

At 7th Street/Metro Center in downtown, it connects with Metro Los Angeles Metro Rail Red Line Red Line and Los Angeles Metro Rail Purple Line Purple Line. At Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station, it connects with Metro Los Angeles Metro Rail Green Line Green Line line. The Blue line shares stations with the Los Angeles Metro Rail Expo Line Expo Line at 7th Street/Metro Center and Pico stations.

Notice Notice

The Blue Line is undergoing the 2nd phase of the $350 million modernization program.

The Blue Line north closure, from Willowbrook/Rosa Parks Station to Downtown Los Angeles, will take place from Jun 1 to September. During this time, trains will be replaced by Metro bus shuttles. The Blue Line will continue running between Compton Station and Downtown Long Beach. Green Line and Red/Purple lines are not affected.

Blue Line Local Bus Shuttle (864) will be free, with buses serving all closed Blue Line stations. The shuttles will run the same hours as the Blue Line, 7 days a week.

Blue Line Select Bus Shuttle (863) will have a $1.75 fare and serve busier stations during the morning and afternoon rush hours.

Blue Line Express Shuttle (860) will have a $1.75 fare with limited stops between Downtown Long Beach and Downtown Los Angeles 7 days a week (No night service).


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