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Muni Metro faregates

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The following Muni stations have faregates installed:

Muni has replaced all faregates in September 2010. With the new fare gates, Clipper Cards are the preferred method to enter Muni Metro system. One way cash riders will have to buy a Clipper-based Muni ticket at the stations that can be reused. Paper transfers will no longer be issued at Muni Metro stations (but will be issued if fare is paid on Muni Metro vehicles or buses).

New gates
Cash riders
  1. Purchase a ticket from new ticket vending machines. (Each ticket is good for 90 days and can be reloaded from the ticket machines with no extra charge.)
  2. Tap the ticket on the Clipper logo to open the fare gates.
Paper Muni pass riders
  1. Slide the paper monthly pass on the temporary readers located on top of the fare gates.
New Muni ticket and Clipper Card
  1. Tap the card on the Clipper logo at the fare gates.
Paper transfers, Muni sticker, BART plus, and other interagency passes
  1. Use the faregate next to the attendant booth. Show the transfer or pass if attendant is present.

There's no need to show or insert any tickets or passes when exiting.

How to use faregates