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Besides buses, VTA operates a light rail system serving parts of San Jose, Campbell, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, and Mountain View. The light rail system interfaces with Caltrain, Amtrak, Altamont Corridor Express, and BART.

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Train service

Station information:

Select station

The light rail system consists of three lines:

G Green Line
B Blue Line
O Orange Line

On weekdays, all lines operate every 20 minutes. On weekends, lines operate every 30 minutes.


How to take light rail

Plan your trip

Select a station through the map above for access and parking information on individual stations.

Riding light rail

Before you board the light rail, you need to buy a ticket or pass from a VTA Light Rail ticket machine (located at every station). Light rail is a proof of payment system. Riders must have a valid or pass while onboard the light rail.

On the platform, board the train that goes to your station. The headsign on the vehicle will show the destination, not line color. The train destination is announced at stations served by two lines.

On the train, announcements will be made for the next station. Press the grey strip by the windows to request train stop. Train will skip stops if no one is waiting on the platform and no one has requested to disembark.


Bicycles can be taken aboard the light rail at all hours on all cars with no additional fare. To ride on the light rail with a bike:

  • Board the train through the two center doors (with a bike decal)
  • Go to the center section (joint) of the light rail car
  • Lift your bike vertically into the rack

If the rack is full, bicyclists (4 maximum) can stand by the doors at the center portion of the car and hold on to their bikes.

Selected light rail stations offers bicycle racks and lockers.

Disabled access

All stations provide complete level boarding. Elevator access is available at all elevated and freeway median stations.

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