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VTA fares can be paid with cash, Clipper cards, or EZfare 📱 app. All monthly passes are available on Clipper cards only.

Single ride fare paid with Clipper or EZfare includes 2 hour free transfers. An upgrade fare will apply when transferring from a local route or light rail to an express route.

Day pass works as a daily fare cap for riders with Clipper cards. Riders pay a single ride rate until the fare cap is reached, then no additional fares will be deducted. Day pass is available on EZfare as well. Day pass is not available with cash.

Local bus, Light Rail routes

One way 8-hour light rail pass** Clipper/EZfare day pass Clipper monthly pass
Adult $2.50 $5.00 $7.50 $90.00
Youth (5-18) $1.25 $2.50 $3.75 $35
Senior (65 or over) and Disabled $1.00 $2.00 $3 $30

To ride light rail with cash, pay fare at the ticket machine before boarding and keep the ticket for the whole trip. The one way light rail ticket is valid for 4 hours throughout the system (no need to get another ticket when transferring between light rail).

* Fares apply only on Community Bus routes.

** 8-hour light rail pass is available at all light rail stations and is not valid on buses.

Express bus routes

Single ride Clipper/EZfare Express day pass Clipper Express Monthly pass
Adult $.00 $15.00 $180
Youth (5-18) $1.25 $3.75 local pass applies
Senior (65 or over) and Disabled $1.00 $3 local pass applies

Express day and monthly passes are valid on local, Community Bus and light rail routes. Riders with a valid local day pass or monthly pass receive fare credit on express routes.

Express fare upgrade must be paid with cash when an EZfare is used to pay for local single ride/day pass.

Interagency transfer arrangements

The following passes are accepted for local fare credit on all VTA routes anywhere:

Passengers with any valid ACE ticket or pass can ride free on all VTA local and express routes anywhere.

Capitol Corridor passengers can request a transit transfer from a conductor that is accepted as local fare credit on VTA.

SamTrans, AC Transit and Dumbarton Express passes are accepted as local fare credit 2 hours after the first tag.