AC Transit Route 800

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🚍 All-Nighter: San Francisco - Richmond Station

All-Nighter service.

7 days a week. Holiday service varies.
Timed connections
Market and Van Ness: L-Owl | N-Owl | 90-Owl | SamTrans 397
Market and 3rd St: 91-Owl | 38-Geary
14th St and Broadway: 1T | 802 | 805 | 840 | 851
Daytime service
BART | F | 1T | 51 | 72M

This route travels on the Bay Bridge. In San Francisco, it operates on Market Street between Van Ness and 1st Street. Transbay fares apply. Trips within East Bay allowed with local fare. If boarding a SF bound bus with Clipper for local trip, tell the driver so that proper fare is charged.

Points of interest

Rail stations served