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BART accessible via elevators Muni Metro accessible via wayside ramps Available inside BART paid area   City: San Francisco |  I-280 and Geneva Avenue

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Balboa Park Station is a major Muni/BART transfer point outside downtown. Station entrances are located on north and south sides of Geneva Avenue by I-280, as well as on the south side of Ocean Ave by the freeway. Driveway for passenger pick up/drop off area is located off San Jose Avenue, south of Geneva Avenue.

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Ticket machines are available at the station concourse. First time riders can purchase a reusable Clipper card from a vending machine before boarding. All riders must pass through the faregates with a valid Clipper card or mobile device with (Clipper enabled) Apple Pay/Google Pay. Keep the card or device for the ride and use it to pass through the faregates again when exiting the station.

A single elevator is available on the north side of Geneva Avenue with access from street to concourse and platform (use crosswalk to access from pick up/drop off driveway). There's a faregate to process card on platform level by the elevator.

This station features center platforms. It is the designated transfer point between the line serving San Francisco Airport/Millbrae and other East Bay lines. Passengers riding in either direction should wait on the same platform for next trains.

Platform 1: to Daly City,

to Millbrae, to SFO

Platform 2: to Downtown SF & East Bay
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Next Station: Daly City Next Station: Glen Park

Muni Metro

This station is the end of the line for J K and M lines. J and K cars drop off at the station complex outside the BART concourse and pick up at the platform on San Jose Ave north of Geneva. M cars pick up at the boarding island on San Jose Avenue south of Geneva. Pay the fare with cash or Clipper card on the vehicle when boarding any of the Muni Metro lines from this station.

Downtown: M to Embarcadero via SF State, board at San Jose Ave south of Geneva. Downtown: J K to Embarcadero, board at San Jose Ave north of Geneva next to railyard.
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Next Station: San Jose & Mt. Vernon Next Station: (J) San Jose & Ocean, (K) City College


All Muni buses except line 49 stop on Geneva Avenue.

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