Stanford Shopping Center

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City: Palo Alto 

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Directions to and from Stanford Shopping Center



Nearly all buses serving Stanford stop at the nearby Palo Alto Station. Some routes also stop on El Camino Real and Arboretum Road.

AC Transit

Fremont Station - Stanford University

Dumbarton Express

Union City Station - Stanford University


Palo Alto Station - Daly City Station, (Owl) SFO - Daly City
East Palo Alto (Purdue and Fordham) - Stanford Shopping Center
Onetta Harris Community Center - Stanford Shopping Center
Redwood City Station - East Palo Alto (day time) - Palo Alto (late night)
All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Salesforce Transit Center)

Stanford Marguerite

Shopping Express: Palo Alto Station - San Antonio Shopping Center via Stanford (Night and weekend)


Eastridge Transit Center - Palo Alto Station
Stanford Shopping Center - Mountain View Station
Rapid: Eastridge Transit Center - Palo Alto Station