Los Angeles Metro ticket machine

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The ticket machines are located at all Metro Rail and G Line stations. Ticket machines sell new TAP cards and add cash values or passes onto existing TAP cards.

A TAP card is required for boarding all Metro Rail trains and Orange Line buses, even for one way rides. For riders without a TAP card can get a card ($1 card fee will be added) along with a fare from the ticket machine (see picture here and here).

Step and step instruction is available here.

Available fares:

  • Regular one-way fares (One way fare with TAP card includes free transfers to other Metro Rail or bus lines up to 2 hours to make a one way trip.)
  • Senior or disabled one-ride fare
  • Regular Day Pass - includes express lines and Silver Line
  • 7-Day Pass
  • 30-Day Pass
  • Cash values (Valid to pay for other one way trips)

All passes begin on the day of first validation, not day of purchase.

Senior and disabled riders without a TAP card can get a regular TAP card from the machine and add one-way senior/disabled fare onto the card. Multi-ride passes require special senior and disabled TAP cards that are not issued from ticket machines.

After purchasing the TAP card, all riders need to validate the card at a reader or turnstile before boarding the train or bus. All B D and C stations have turnstiles, along with underground stations on the other lines. Many surface stations on A E K G stations have validators placed by the platform entrances instead of turnstiles. Riders without their cards validated are subject to citations.