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4th & King Station is the terminal for Caltrain in San Francisco. Caltrain passengers can transfer to Muni to downtown and other parts of San Francisco.

The Caltrain station itself features Subway Sandwich, a cafe, and a flower stand. Safeway and Walgreens are located across the street from the station. Restrooms are available inside the main station building

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All Caltrain local/limited stop and Baby Bullet trains begin or end at this station.

Caltrain ticket machines and Clipper card readers are located in the station concourse. All riders must have a valid ticket or tagged Clipper Card before boarding Caltrain and train crews may inspect for fares at the station (after Giants games and other special events) or onboard. Riders using Clipper should "tag off" after exiting the train.

Riders can purchase new Clipper cards and add values/passes to the card from selected ticket machines. The nearest in-person Clipper vendor is the Walgreens located across the street from the station.

This station has 11 tracks stretching from Townsend to King Street. Each door has a sign showing the departure time of the train on the platform. Passengers wait in the concourse until boarding begins 10-15 minutes before departure time. The door to the platform will close promptly at departure time.

Southbound to San Jose/Gilroy
Real time departures:
Next Station: 22nd Street Next Station: Terminus

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N Judah and T Third Street lines serve 4th & King Station.

N Judah trains stop at the platform on the King Street median (closer to the Caltrain station) and T Third Street trains stop at the platform in the middle of 4th Street south of King Street (see photo). Pay fare on the vehicle with cash or Clipper card when boarding.

4th Street platform:

Southbound: T to Sunnydale Northbound: T to Chinatown
Real time departures:

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Next Station: Mission Rock Next Station: 4th & Brannan

King Street platform:

Outbound: N to Ocean Beach
Real time departures:

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Next Station: Terminus Next Station: 2nd & King

Buses stop at various locations on 4th Street and Townsend Street.

Service to Los Angeles, Sacramento, San Diego. Stops at 5th & Townsend Current bus status
Market Street - Mission Bay
All nighter: Ocean Beach - 4th & King Caltrain
Stockton: Crissy Field - 4th & King Caltrain via North Beach and Chinatown
Balboa: Ocean Beach (Richmond District) - Market & 5th St - (weekday only) 4th & King Caltrain
Union-Stockton: Lyon and Greenwich - 4th & King Caltrain via Chinatown
All-Nighter: West Portal Station - San Francisco State University via Downtown

Bike Hub operates a bike station (located on Townsend Street side the station). It provides staffed bike parking and bike servicing at the station Monday through Fridays.

Bay Wheels operates a self-service bike share station near the station.

The station is also a popular e-scooter hub for multiple companies.