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Judah: 4th & King Stn - Market Street Subway - Ocean Beach (Judah and La Playa)

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N-Judah is a Muni Metro light rail line. Service is available 7 days a week. N cars run in the subway under Market Street between Embarcadero and Church Street. N-Owl bus provides overnight and early weekend morning service. During weekday peak hours NX-Judah Express buses provide service along the corridor with stops on Judah west of 19th Ave and Downtown SF.

Inbound means N cars going toward 4th and King. Outbound means N cars going toward Ocean Beach.

    Stop list

    Stops with a smaller dot are not wheelchair accessible. BART line and stations are in pink color. Caltrain line and stations are in green.

    Points of interest and connections
    4th & King Station
    T-Third Street
    2nd & King Station
    Oracle Park
    Brannan Station
    Pier 30/32
    Folsom Station
    Embarcadero Station
    Montgomery Station
    Downtown San Francisco
    Powell Station
    Union Square
    Civic Center Station
    Civic Center
    Van Ness Station
    K-Ingleside L-Taraval M-Ocean View
    Duboce & Church
    Lower Haight
    Duboce & Noe
    California Pacific Medical Center Davies
    Sunset Tunnel
    Carl & Cole
    Cole Valley
    Carl & Stanyan
    Kezar Stadium
    Carl & Hillway
    Irving & 2nd/Arguello Blvd
    Irving & 4th
    Irving & 7th
    Irving & 9th
    Irving Street (Inner Sunset)
    Judah & 9th
    Judah & 12th
    Judah & Funston
    Judah & 16th/15th
    Judah & 19th
    Irving Street (Outer Sunset)
    Judah & 23rd/22nd
    Judah & 25th
    Judah & 28th
    Judah & 31st
    Judah & 34th
    Judah & Sunset
    Sunset District
    Judah & 40th
    Judah & 43rd
    Judah & 46th
    Judah & La Playa
    Ocean Beach


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