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All Nighter is a regional brand name for various bus routes that operate during the overnight hours in the Bay Area. The motivation behind the All Nighter brand is to encourage night travelers to take BART or Caltrain early in the evening, and take the overnight bus for the return trip when both BART and Caltrain are shut down.

The All Nighter service is provided by local transit operators. Schedules are coordinated to ensure timed transfers at key locations. Fares however are not coordinated, and that both BART and Caltrain one way tickets are not valid on these routes (passes may be accepted depending on operator).



L-Owl All-nighter: San Francisco Zoo - Ferry Plaza

N-Owl All-nighter: Ocean Beach - 4th & King Caltrain

T-Owl Weekend early morning: Market & Van Ness - Sunnydale

5 Fulton: Transbay Terminal - Civic Center - 8th Ave (weekday daytime), Ocean Beach (night and weekend)

14 Mission: Ferry Plaza - Daly City (Mission & San Jose)

22 Fillmore: Potrero Hill (3rd St & 20th St) - The Marina

24 Divisadero: Bayview (3rd St & Palou) - Pacific Heights (Jackson & Fillmore)

25 Treasure Island: to/from Transbay Terminal

38​​ Geary: Richmond District - Transbay Terminal

44 O'Shaughnessy: Bayview (3rd St & Evans) - Inner Richmond (California & 6th Ave)

48 Quintara-24th Street: Ocean Beach (Sunset) - 3rd St & 20th St

90-Owl All-Nighter: Visitacion Valley (Bayshore/Arleta) - Van Ness & North Point

91-Owl All-Nighter: West Portal Station - San Francisco State University via Downtown

AC Transit

800 All-Nighter: San Francisco - Richmond Station

801 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Fremont Station

802 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Berkeley Amtrak Station via San Pablo

805 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Oakland International Airport

840 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Eastmont Transit Center via Foothill

851 All-Nighter: Fruitvale BART - Downtown Berkeley


397 All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Transbay Terminal)

399 All-Nighter: Daly City - SFO Airport


22 Eastridge Transit Center - Palo Alto Station