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Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is the local transit system in the CIty of Chicago. CTA operates buses and the 'L' trains. CTA connects with Metra regional trains and Pace buses operating in the Chicago suburbs.

CTA's web site

'L' trains
CTA Red Line Red Line - Howard - Chicago Loop - 95th/Dan Ryan
CTA Blue Line Blue Line - O'Hare Airport - Chicago Loop - Forest Park
CTA Green Line Green Line - Harlem Lake - Chicago Loop - Ashland/63rd, Cottage Grove
CTA Orange Line Orange Line - Midway Airport - Chicago Loop
CTA Pink Line Pink Line - 54th/Cermak - Chicago Loop
CTA Brown Line Brown Line - Kimball - Chicago Loop
CTA Purple Line Purple Line - Linden - Howard - (weekday peak only) Chicago Loop
CTA Yellow Line Yellow Line - Dempster-Skokie - Howard
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