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Accessible via elevators Available inside BART paid area   City: San Leandro |  Hesperian Blvd by Bay Fair Mall

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BART schedule
Departing  Arriving

Ticket machines are available at the ground-level station concourse. First time riders must purchase a reusable BART ticket or Clipper card from a vending machine before boarding. All riders must pass through the faregates with a valid ticket or card. Keep the ticket or card for the ride and use it to pass through the faregates again when exiting the station.

This station features center platforms. This is the transfer point for trips between BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City and BART Warm Springs - Daly City BART Richmond - Warm Springs.

Platform 1: BART Warm Springs - Daly City BART Richmond - Warm Springs to Fremont,

BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City to Dublin/Pleasanton.

Platform 2: BART Richmond - Warm Springs to Richmond,

BART Warm Springs - Daly City BART Dublin/Pleasanton - Daly City to Daly City.

Real time departures:
Next Station: Hayward, Castro Valley Next Station: San Leandro

Bus - AC Transit

When transferring from BART, you can get a free BART to bus transfer before leaving the paid area. The transfer provides discounted one way fares on AC Transit.

All buses stop at the bus plaza

10 East 14th: Hayward BART - San Leandro BART

32 Hayward BART loop via Western, Meekland, Ashland, Bay Fair BART, Castro Valley

40 Bay Fair Station/Eastmont Transit Center - Downtown Oakland via Foothill and Bancroft

48 Hayward BART - Bay Fair BART via Castro Valley BART, Foothill

75 San Leandro BART loop via MacArthur Blvd, Foothill Square, Bay Fair BART

89 San Leandro BART loop via Bancroft, Bay Fair BART, San Leandro Marina

93 Hayward BART Loop via Meekland, San Lorenzo, Bay Fair, Mission Blvd

97 Hesperian: Union City Station - Bay Fair Station

801 All-Nighter: Downtown Oakland - Fremont Station

Shuttle/other bus

ACMC Fairmont Shuttle Bay Fair Station - Fairmont Hospital


Unreserved spaces Reserved spaces Carpool
Weekdays before 10am $3 daily fee reserved permit required BART carpool permit required + $2 daily fee
10am - 3pm $3 daily fee
after 3pm free
Weekends all day

Diagram of parking areas

Reserved spaces require:

To pay the daily parking fee, remember your space number, enter through the faregates into the paid area and pay at an add fare machine.


Bike racks and 12 electronic BikeLink lockers are available at this station.

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