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Muni accepts cash fares and offers various passes. Cable cars have seperate fares. The entire Muni bus and rail network uses proof of payment fare system. Passengers with a valid ticket or pass can board any door (cash and token customers need to board at the front door to obtain a transfer). Riders caught without a valid ticket or transfer can be cited.

Passengers that can board through any door:

  1. Those with valid paper pass or transfer.
  2. Clipper users need to tap their card at the reader when boarding and must have sufficient value or a valid pass/transfer.

Passengers that must board through the front door:

  1. Cash or token customers - They need to obtain a valid transfer after paying the fare and keep it as proof of payment.
  2. Riders with disabilities that need to use the wheelchair lift/ramp.


Cash fares

Muni buses, Muni Metro and historic streetcars

Adult $2.75 (Clipper or mobile app $2.50)
Youth (5-18) $1.35 (Clipper or mobile app $1.25)
Senior (65 or over) $1.35 (Clipper or mobile app $1.25)
Disabled $1.35 (Clipper or mobile app $1.25)
A transfer will be issued upon payment. Your transfer will permit free boardings on all Muni vehicles except cable cars for the next 90 minutes. You must keep your transfer as proof of payment when riding Muni.

Cable cars

Adult $7.00
Youth (5-17) $7.00
Senior (65 or over) between 7am-9pm $7.00
Senior (65 or over) between 9pm-7am $3.00
All Day Passport $21.00
No transfer will be issued or accepted.

Monthly passes

Good for all Muni vehicles unless specified otherwise. All regular adult, youth, and senior monthly passes are available on Clipper Cards only.

Adult "A" Fast Pass $94.00 Also valid on BART for trips within San Francisco.
Adult "M" (Muni only) Fast Pass $75.00
Youth Monthly Pass (5-17) $38.00
Senior Monthly Pass (65 or over) $38.00
Disabled Monthly Pass $38.00 To be loaded on Regional Transit Discount card (Clipper).
Lifeline Pass $38.00 Available only to qualified individuals through SF Human Services Agency. Not valid on cable cars. Not available on Clipper.

List of pass vendors is available at: [1]


Primarily designed for tourists. Good on all Muni vehicles.

See: Muni Passport

Inter-agency fare arrangements

Adult Muni "A" Fast Pass is valid for unlimited travel on BART between any stations within San Francisco (Embarcadero and Balboa Park).

BART to Muni transfers provide discounted fares on Muni (Transfers issued in Daly City provide free connection). Riders need to use Clipper card in order to receive the discount. Muni no longer accepts BART Plus.

A 50 cent discount off the adult single ride fare is available when transferring to and from the following agencies when using a Clipper Card: