San Francisco Historic Streetcars

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San Francisco Historic Streetcar network consists of two lines serving Fisherman's Wharf, Downtown San Francisco, and beyond. The streetcar lines are part of the Muni system and have connections with buses, ferries, cable cars, Muni Metro, and BART.

Actual historic vehicles are used on the historic streetcar routes. The PCC streetcars, which composed the majority of the historic fleet, are painted in different liveries representing various streetcar companies throughout the United States. The line also features historic vehicles from Italy, New Orleans, and other cities. Details of the fleet are available here.

The F line provides frequent service 7 days a week. Both routes provide wheelchair accessible service at most stops via wayside ramps and lifts. Muni fares apply on the streetcars.

Streetcar routes

Market & Wharves: (Historic Streetcar) 17th St and Castro - Fisherman's Wharf via Ferry Building


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