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Accessible Available at the airport terminal   |  International Terminal Boarding Area G

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This station is located in SFO's international terminal Gate G. The station is generally within walking distance to the International Terminal and Terminal 3 (United Airlines). To Terminal 1 and 2, take the free AirTrain located above the BART platform. When taking AirTrain to this station from other locations, get off at Garage G/BART Station.


BART schedule

This station is served by BART Antioch - SFO Antioch - SFO line with direct service to San Francisco and Oakland. Direct service to Millbrae Station (Caltrain connection) from this stop is provided via BART Millbrae - SFO Millbrae - SFO line during weekday daytime and Sundays and BART Antioch - SFO line on weeknights and Saturdays. On Sundays, passengers to and from Millbrae need to change between BART Millbrae - SFO and BART Antioch - SFO trains at this station as there is no other lines serving Millbrae on Sundays.

Ticket machines for BART are located at the entrance from international terminal and at the AirTrain (SFO) Garage G/BART Station platform. This station features 3 stub end tracks. See overhead electronic sign for boarding location. Because this is a stub-end station, BART Antioch - SFO line trains serving Millbrae (nights and Saturdays) basically have to "back out" to continue the trip.


BART Antioch - SFO to SF and Antioch.
BART Antioch - SFO (night/Saturday), BART Millbrae - SFO (weekday daytime/Sunday) to Millbrae.
Real time departures:
Next Station: San Bruno Next Station: Millbrae


Buses stop on level 1 (lowest level) at Terminal G, two levels below BART.

BART Early Bird Express

Millbrae - SFO - SF (operated by SamTrans)


Overnight: Daly City - SFO
Millbrae Station - SFO
Hillsdale Station - San Francisco (Salesforce Transit Center)
All-Nighter: Palo Alto Station - San Francisco (Salesforce Transit Center)
Redwood City Station - Salesforce Transit Center via SFO, San Bruno BART